Daves' Not Here Acoustic Trio

DNH is an acoustic trio with 3 guys named Dave. Was that an accident? Was that just coincidence? Who knows but for whatever the reason, it’s worked out quiet nicely. 

Last names have been omitted to protect the innocent… 

Dave #1 has played the guitar for around 5 decades and many people say he does it well. He also adds his voice to the mix, singing like a bird named Dave. 

Here’s where it gets a little messy. Dave #2 has been playing the guitar for 5 decades as well, however, in this band he’s the bass player and drummer, because, well… why not. The strange part is, there are no drums in the band. Wait…What’s that, you may ask? Well there’s a piece of wood on the floor that he steps on and…. Oh you’ll just have to see for yourself but I promise, it’s very cool. He also sings like a bird named Dave. 

Now here is where it gets even messier! If you’re still with me, allow me to explain that Dave #3 has been playing drums for over 4 decades but since there are no drums in DNH and Dave #2 is already the drummer…. (Wait… WHAT?!!! Remember about that piece of wood?) he decided that he should play guitar. Dave #3 was not a guitar player. So he learned how. Very quickly. He is also the lead vocalist in DNH. Many people say that he is not only an excellent singer, but that the other two Daves should feel shame in his presence. They do. 

What kind of excitement can an acoustic trio generate? You might expect to hear songs from Simon and Garfunkle, James Taylor, Jim Croce and The Beatles. And you would be correct but  you will also hear the likes of Phil Collins, Prince, and Billy Joel. How about Neil Young, The Eagles, ELP and Kansas? Yep. You’ll also likely hear songs from Fleetwood Mac, CSN, Cyndi Lauper, Christinas both Aguilera and Perri.  But you will also hear Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden Alice In Chains and a ton more. So there. Come see Daves’ Not Here. This way, at least YOU will be here. 

Oh…. As far as the apostrophe at the end of Daves…. There’s an ongoing discussion as to where it actually belongs. Interesting points on both ends. Come to a show and give them your thoughts. For now, it’ll remain at the end because… well… that’s where it is on all of the artwork.

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