the dave's...

Dave Hirschberg - Lead vocals and half a guitar player.

If there is a frontman in an acoustic act, I guess it would be Dave. A singing drummer in numerous bands, Dave has dropped the drums and replaced it with a guitar in DNH. He considers himself half a guitar player because he's "learning on the job".

Dave has been singing professionally for over 20 years and has gained the reputation as one of the areas best lead vocalists. And it's usually from behind the drum kit. Not being behind the kit has allowed Dave to explore his vocals and really become part of what make's DNH so unique.

Funny side note... Dave now owns more guitars than drums!


Dave De Pinto - Guitar and backing vocals

Dave's acoustic finger picking style is what set's the tone, style and spirit of DNH. Ditching the electric guitar for the acoustic, Dave sits with each selection and carefully arranges most songs to fit the finger picking style. He also tries very hard to get Dave H to play the correct chords. 

Dave has been playing professionally for over 40 years and is the musical director in many bands as well as a co-owner of his own entertainment company, Ace In The Hole Productions.

Funny side note... Dave is the only one in the band who is playing his native instrument. 


Dave Gellis - Bass, backing vocals and Beat Root 

A guitar player by trade, after seeing DNH play its first gig as a duo, Dave thought DNH needed some bass. Well, he owned a bass and his name IS Dave. It was a perfect fit. Armed with a bass guitar and a piece of wood he kicks to the beat, Dave is the groove and driving force behind the DNH sound. 

Dave is the most seasoned and "professional" member of the band. A touring and recording member of such bands as Blood, Sweat and Tears, Meatloaf, Roger Glover, 3 Dog Night and many more, Dave decided it was time to leave the glitz and glamor of the road for the local bar scene. All that fame and fortune was just too much for Dave to handle. All kidding aside, Dave has said that this is some of the most fun he's ever had in a band. Now that is saying a LOT! 

Funny side note... Dave joined the band because he had a bass... and his name was Dave. True story.